Thank you to everyone who participated in the Riverview Lands Heritage Conservation Planning Process.

The Ministry of Citizens’ Services and Open Government, Shared Services BC has completed a Heritage Conservation Plan (HCP) for the Riverview Lands to ensure the Lands’ heritage values are understood and acknowledged.

The Riverview Lands HCP planning process explored existing heritage values and uncovered new ones. Beyond identifying what is valued about the Lands, the HCP documents why built and natural features, and the Lands themselves, are valued. This ensures that the values of the Lands are fully understood and acknowledged for generations to come.

The HCP is a referral document that will help guide Shared Services BC’s on-going site management of the Lands. It will also help guide BC Housing’s long-term planning work.

Please take a few moments and learn more about HCPs, Riverview’s HCP Planning Process, and the Riverview Lands.